President’s Award

The President’s Award for Outstanding Performance is established to give due recognition and encouragement to staff members, on both an individual and a team basis, who have demonstrated outstanding performance/achievements in each of the three main domains of teaching, research and administrative services, so as to underscore the University’s commitment to a performance-driven culture.

Awards will be given to individual staff members and to collaborative teams at the university level. It is generally expected that there may be up to six individual awardees and two collaborative team awards for each category every year.

The President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching is established to recognize and reward excellence in teaching and to emphasize the University’s commitment to:

  1. fostering teaching innovation and excellence;
  2. enhancing student learning; and
  3. promoting the scholarship of teaching.

Details of President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching
(including administration, eligibility, nomination procedures, membership, selection process, timeline, etc.)

The EdUHK, in line with tertiary institutions around the world, sponsors teaching awards for exemplary teaching and good scholarship of teaching, by members of its staff. The Faculty Teaching Award Scheme is established to recognize, encourage and reward excellence in teaching and sustained involvement in disseminating and sharing the results of effective and innovative teaching. This emphasizes the University’s commitment to: (a) fostering teaching excellence; (b) improving student learning; (c) encouraging innovative teaching; and (d) providing leadership in sharing good teaching practices.

Webpages for Faculty Teaching Award Schemes hosted by Faculties are as follows: