The aim of this initiative is to support academic and teaching staff to implement blended learning for students’ reflective engagement and deep learning (aligned to the University’s Learning and Teaching Plan) in their courses.

The specific objectives are:

  • Encourage the pedagogical use of the learning management system for students’ reflective engagement and deep learning;
  • Promote one course one online lesson to get academic and teaching staff started on blended learning;
  • Cultivate an e-Learning rich environment to prepare our graduates to be future leaders in deploying digital means in different professional areas and in particular education settings.

Definition of an online lesson (In the Context of One Course One Online Lesson):

An online lesson is a suite of online learning and teaching activities that are aligned to the course learning outcome/s and complement face-to-face learning and teaching activities. It can be a pure online lesson out of the thirteen face-to-face lessons, or a total of 3-hour online activities that may range from blocks of 1 to 3 hours throughout a course.

These online activities include:

  • synchronous or/and asynchronous activities that are supported by learning resources in video, audio, or textual formats;
  • response-based activities that students could submit their responses or feedbacks to their teachers;
  • collaborative learning (student-student) activities.

A range of professional learning activities for blended learning were launched in January 2017. The range of activities, which include sharing sessions, hands-on workshops, private consultations, and just-in-time learning and support etc., have been co-conducted by the department blended learning ambassadors, and faculty-based blended learning specialists to build the capacity of academic and teaching staff to implement blended learning in their courses.

Online recourses:

Online resources for Phase II of the BLUE Initiative: