Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) has been adopted by our University as e-learning platform since September 2011. It is an open source LMS and is very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic websites for their students. More than fifty thousand educational organizations around the world currently use Moodle to deliver online courses and to supplement traditional face-to-face classes (known as blended learning). Moreover, Moodle offers a variety of tools that can make course delivery more effective. It provides an easy way to upload and share materials, hold online discussions, arrange quizzes and surveys, employ peer-assessment and self-assessment, gather and review assignments and record grades.

Since it was launched, Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC) has been providing operational and training support to EdUHK Moodle users while Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has been providing server and maintenance support. The Moodle support team of LTTC provides a wide range of support services to staff and students, including:

  • Online user guides
  • Workshops on using Moodle
  • Consultancy
  • 1-to-1 tutorials
  • Hotline enquiry (2948 7047)
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), a web-based e-Learning platform represent a new trend in higher education, providing top calibre courses to a global audience. EdUHK supports the development and implementation of MOOC to promote innovative online learning. Currently, two MOOCs have been developed as exemplars for professional development of all academic and teaching staff at EdUHK.

The MOOC “E-pedagogy in Mathematics Learning and Teaching” aims to cater to the growing need for enriching primary and secondary teachers’ professional development related to e-learning in Hong Kong. It aims to become a signature course for pre-service teachers in mathematics at the University, as well as in-service teachers with sound knowledge and hands-on practices of e-learning pedagogies specifically for mathematics teaching.

Besides, an English lecture series entitled “The English you didn’t learn in school” has been turned into a MOOC. This MOOC covers a wide range of topics and is designed for non-native English speakers who have an interest in improving their ability in and knowledge of the English language. It may also help English teachers attain a more well-rounded knowledge of English that they can refer to while teaching. A part of the MOOC has also been launched in Moodle and adapted for blended learning components for courses like “Introduction to Linguistics”. For the course introduction video, please click here.

For more information of the MOOCs, please refer to

▲ Screenshot of a start-up screen of a lesson video in the MOOC “E-pedagogy in Mathematics Learning and Teaching”


▲ Screenshot of one lecture on group activity


▲ Screenshot of course page in Open EdX “English You didn’t Learn in School”


▲ Screenshot of one of the English lectures “Pragmatics: How do we speak appropriately and politely” in Moodle as a part of blended learning lesson

With the key objectives of nurturing engaged and reflective learners, ePortfolio has been implemented to offer a platform for students to document, manage and reflect upon their own learning during their study at EdUHK since 2012. Students are required to create ePortfolios to document and reflect on their formal and non-formal learning experiences in General Education, Language Enhancement, Co-curricular and Service Learning Activities and Overseas Exchange Opportunities. Students who are enrolled in teacher education programmes would also use ePortfolios to document and reflect their teaching practices for their Field Experience. Building the ePortfolio provides students with opportunities to consolidate and internalize the knowledge and skills acquired in various learning activities across their University learning journey.


Resources have been provided to guide students in creating their own ePortfolios with the Sway/Google Sites ePortfolio system.