To recognize and encourage academic and non-academic achievements, the EdUHK offers various external and internal scholarships and awards to outstanding students.

I. Scholarships

Scholarships are granted to students on the basis of academic merits. Other attributes, such as leadership qualities, involvement in co-curricular activities and contribution to the society/ University, may also be taken into consideration.

Most of the scholarships are donated by external organisations and individuals who support the education of young people. With the staunch support of our donors, the number of University-level scholarships granted in 2022/23 is estimated to be over 700, worth about $24m.

2022 Foundation Presentation group photo

Of all the scholarships granted, some are also open for application to students from other universities in Hong Kong. Despite keen competition, our students successfully obtained these scholarships. They include:

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship for undergraduate students is granted to four EdUHK students on the basis of outstanding academic ability as well as community service record and other talents.  Renewal of the scholarship depends on academic excellence and contribution to society.

Name of AwardeeProgramme of Study
CHAN Wing Yin AndoraBachelor of Education (Honours) (Physical Education)
CHU Cheuk ManBachelor of Science (Honours) in Integrated Environmental Management
CHU Shun ChungBachelor of Education (Honours) (Science)
WANG YunqiBachelor of Science (Honours) in Artificial Intelligence and Educational Technology


To be granted an HSBC Scholarship, students must acquire very high academic results, be involved in extra-curricular activities and community service, and are willing to contribute to the betterment of Hong Kong.

Name of ScholarshipsName of AwardeesProgramme of Study
HSBC Overseas Scholarship (2023/24)YEUNG Lok LamBachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) – Mathematics
HSBC Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) ScholarshipKWAN Hei ManBachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language)
TSANG Tsui Cho NingBachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language)
HSBC Hong Kong ScholarshipCHAN Nga TingBachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language)
CHEUNG Kin Nam AnsonBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language)
LO Pui YuBachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) – General Studies
YEUNG Lok LamBachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) – Mathematics
HSBC Vocational Education ScholarshipCHAN Siu YuHigher Diploma in Early Childhood Education

The For Our Future Scholarship is granted to local students in recognition of their academic studies and contributions to society.  Apart from excellent academic performance, students should also have achievements in personal development (e.g. sports, arts, music) and social services.

Name of AwardeeProgramme of Study
ZHENG Yuk Yeung LaughingBachelor of Education (Honours) (Science)


II. Non-academic Achievements

Apart from excellent academic performance, the EdUHK also considers it vital to encourage students’ active engagement in co-curricular activities so as to build value systems and personalities, broaden horizons and absorb knowledge from alternative and non-traditional channels.

The President’s Commendation Scheme was established in 2010 to recognise students who achieve outstanding performance in specific non-academic areas:
  • Arts and Culture
  • Community Services
  • Innovation, Science and Technology
  • Leadership
  • Sports

There is a two-tier structure in the level of recognition in the Scheme.  “President’s Commendation” is the highest level of award granted to students with impactful achievements while “President’s Appreciation” is for students with exemplary achievements.

In 2022/23, five students were awarded “President’s Commendation” and three students were granted “President’s Appreciation”.

Name of AwardArea of CommendationName of AwardeesProgramme of Study
President’s CommendationArts and CultureCHAN Chin-nokBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Music)
Community ServiceCHAN Hoi-yanBachelor of Education (Honours) (Science)
Innovation, Science & TechnologyZHOU YinziBachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language)
SportsCHENG Hui-panBachelor of Health Education (Honours)
LI Yan-tungBachelor of Science (Honours) in Sports Science and Coaching
President’s AppreciationArts and CultureHUNG Hoi-chingBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Music)
Innovation, Science and TechnologyFU HongyiBachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology
SportsCHUNG Pui-kiBachelor of Health Education (Honours)

For details of the Scheme and past awardees, please refer to

Complementary to the formal curriculum, non-formal learning is an essential component of students’ whole person development. To further encourage students to actively participate in local and overseas experiential learning activities beyond the classroom, the EdUHK has launched a 3-level award system to provide formal recognition to students’ non-formal learning experiences starting from 2017/18.

For “Whole Person Development Certificate” and “Whole Person Development Advanced Certificate”, students are awarded primarily on the basis on their participation record in The Experiential Learning and Achievements Transcript, which is a comprehensive record of their non-academic achievement and participation in experiential learning activities during their course of study in the EdUHK. Organising and leading performances will also be considered in granting the “Dean of Students’ List”, the highest level of award in the system.

One student received “Dean of Students’ List” in 2022/23.

Name of AwardeeProgramme of Study
ZHENG Yuk-yeung LaughingBachelor of Education (Honours) (Science)

One student received “Dean of Students’ List” in 2022/23: ZHENG Yuk-yeung Laughing photo.


For details of the Scheme and past awardees, please refer to

III. External Awards

The outstanding performance of EdUHK students are also recognised by external awards.

Organised by the Hong Kong Youth and Tertiary Students Association, the Award aims to recognise and nurture promising students interested in the future development of the Greater Bay Area. It fosters their holistic growth as well as encouraging them to act as role models to their peers and to contribute to the community.
Name of AwardeeProgramme of Study
CHAN Tsz YingBachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language)

Organised by the Hong Kong Ming De, the Election hopes that the concept of serving the society will be inherited to young people, encouraging them to be positive and contribute to society.

Name of AwardeeProgramme of Study
CHEUNG Hoi TungBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Music)

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August 2023