Learning and Teaching in Faculties/Departments

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EdUHK Learning and Teaching Newsletter

The EdUHK Learning and Teaching Newsletter brings you news about our latest development of learning and teaching practices and innovations.

E-Book “Enlightening Education”

This e-book is an initiative of the Working Group on Good Practices and Excellence in Teaching under the former Committee on Learning and Teaching. It aims to create an open channel for students and teachers to share their invaluable experiences about learning and teaching. We believe that such means can help to build a culture of sharing among members in the HKIEd community, which is essential for promoting excellence in teaching.

The inaugural issue is comprised of the works of the nine HKIEd teachers and nine HKIEd graduates/ students. We hope to share with you the experiences and views on learning and teaching from our teachers, graduates and students with their lives in the HKIEd.