The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) places quality learning and teaching at the forefront of its activities. We are committed to nurturing outstanding and caring educators and professionals who contribute constructively to sustainable development in Hong Kong, Mainland China and beyond.

The Quality Assurance Council Audit Report findings in 2017 confirmed the University’s commitment as a higher education institution and the mechanisms it has put in place to create a quality culture. The positive Report reinforces the University’s commitment to ensuring the quality of its learning and teaching and the enrichment of student learning experience. Building on the positive outcome, the University continues its efforts at various fronts and some examples are:

  • to maintain quality and academic standards as evident in effective implementation of enhancement measures on programme outcomes relating to Generic Intended Learning Outcomes, Programme Outcomes Assessment, etc.;
  • to enhance the quality of student learning through the comprehensive review of the undergraduate curriculum and support to students’ whole person development with a new non-formal learning strategy and providing measures to facilitate student non-local learning experience to foster internationalisation; and
  • to strive for quality learning and teaching by enhancing the use of technology in promoting effective learning such as the use of e-Portfolio, proactive adoption, review and enhancement of virtual learning, teaching and assessment, continuing to sharpen the e-learning policy and practices, and providing various support for staff professional enrichment and sharing of good practices.

All these witness the University’s continuous efforts in promoting, supporting and sustaining a quality culture with a focus on student learning.

This website provides comprehensive information on learning and teaching at the University. Students are encouraged to explore the many opportunities available in both formal and non-formal learning to achieve academic and personal goals. The website also offers a platform for the EdUHK community to share ideas and strategies for learning and teaching. We welcome your views, suggestions and contributions which will be important to the advancement of the University.


Professor John Lee Chi-kin
Vice President (Academic) and Provost