The framework of the graduate attributes, namely, “PEER & I” consists of three domains:

  • Professional Excellence;
  • Ethical Responsibility; &
  • Innovation

The framework of “PEER & I” is applicable to Undergraduate, Taught Post-graduate (TPg) and Research Post-graduate programmes (RPg), with specific descriptions for individual levels.

  1. The EdUHK graduates of undergraduate programmes will possess the following attributes:
    Professional Excellence

    • Articulation of the knowledge and skills acquired in their study and successful application in their profession, and aspiration to continuous improvement and development;
    • Competencies in critical thinking, communication, problem solving and collaboration skills, integrating theory and practice; positive and professional attitude; and
    • Contribution to sustainable social and economic development in Hong Kong and beyond.

    Ethical Responsibility

    • Awareness of and commitment to being a caring, socially and ethically responsible citizen;
    • Upholding moral values and integrity; and
    • Ability to think critically and independently to make moral judgements.


    • Possession of a global mindset, technological literacy and entrepreneurship with drive and aspirations;
    • Readiness to learn and engage in lifelong learning; and
    • Ability to generate creative, innovative and effective approaches and ideas.
  2. The EdUHK graduates of TPg programmes will possess the following attributes (note):
    Professional Excellence

    • Demonstrate an advanced and up-to-date knowledge, understanding and competence in a specialty;
    • Apply theoretical and professional knowledge and strategies into practice and promote evidence-based practices through the application of rigorous methodology;
    • Understand research, and / or advanced technology or professional activity; and
    • Prepare to make contribution to a field either through practice or research.

    Ethical Responsibility

    • Uphold ethics in academic inquiry of a chosen field;
    • Possess the professional ethics and social responsibility in a profession; and
    • Be sensitive to multiple contexts and value diversity and differences.


    • Be able to critically review, differentiate and synthesize knowledge in a discipline and apply diagnostic and creative skills in a range of situations;
    • Be capable of locating problems/gaps in established literature / contexts; and
    • Enable change and innovation by encouraging new ways of knowing and doing.
  3. The EdUHK graduates of RPg programmes will possess the following attributes:
    Professional Excellence

    • Is at the international forefront of respective subject area, and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the theories and /or policies as applied to a specialty area;
    • Able to evaluate the appropriateness and usefulness of various perspectives and processes in research;
    • Discover and define emerging questions in a specialty and contribute to the development of new knowledge / theories / methods / interpretations / forms of documentation within the specialty; and
    • Apply advanced skills in research design as well as methods for data collection and analysis for the areas of study.

    Ethical Responsibility

    • Demonstrate an understanding of and full commitment to the underlying values and ethics of the scientific inquiry of the chosen field;
    • Possess professional ethics and develop a pro-active sense of social responsibility in a field as an academician or researcher; and
    • Maintain a high level of ethical integrity by always prioritizing ethical values over self-interest.


    • Appraise the literature, ideas, and other information critically from local, regional and international sources;
    • Conduct original research via appropriate and creative methodologies and analyze data with flexibility and novelty, which contribute to the fields or society; and
    • Extend or transform a novel or unique idea, question, format or create new or boundary-crossing knowledge.


Note: The EdUHK graduates of Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programmes will possess the same set of Graduate Attributes of TPg programmes with emphasis on the relevance to educators’ professional practice.