Service Learning and Internship

a. Leadership and Service Learning

The University attaches high importance to nurture caring leaders with social commitment and global awareness. By taking part in “Leadership & Service Learning Programmes”, students are equipped with leadership ability and generic skills. Through joining local and overseas community service projects, students’ sense of social responsibility is enhanced. Examples of Leadership and Service learning activities include Adventure Education Leadership Programme, Effective Leader Course, Leadership Enhancement & Development (LEAD) Programme, Service Exposure for Global Awareness (SEGA), Sunshine in the Storm, Pinehill Project. Details of Leadership and Service Learning are given at these links:

b. Internship

To prepare students for the globalized world, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) organizes “Career Development Summer Internship (Overseas & Greater China Region)”. Through placements in different places e.g. Australia, Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, UK, USA and Mainland China, students gain exposure to the workplace beyond the educational sector and develop open attitudes towards cultural diversity.


c. Learning Putonghua@home with EdUHK

“Learning Putonghua@home with EdUHK” presents a straightforward and fun way for students, staff or affiliated organizations of EdUHK partner institutions to gain elementary knowledge of Putonghua while giving EdUHK Master’s students real-life experience of teaching non-Chinese speakers. Our students of the Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as International Language (MATCIL) Programme offer six-week customised language programmes in the spring or summer semesters at partner institutions’ teaching venue, making the teaching and learning a mutual beneficially opportunities for all involved.