On-campus Internationalisation Activities and Schemes

a. Support Services and Integration Activities for International, Mainland and Taiwan Students

Together with GCA and IO, the Student Affairs Office provides “Support Services for International, Mainland and Taiwan Students” throughout their course of studies at the University. A wide range of services and activities including orientation, buddy scheme, community and cultural exploration activities, festival gatherings, group activities and personal guidance are offered to help the students to gain a better understanding of the Hong Kong community, to adjust to study and campus life, to foster mutual support, as well as to facilitate cultural exchange among all students. Details of cultural exchange activities among students can be referred at these links:



To help promoting on-campus internationalisation and integration of local and non-local students, activities of different varieties will be organized by different faculties/ departments/ offices throughout the year, for instance, Photo-taking Contest for inbound/outbound exchange students and Taiwan Week. The “We.Hong Kong Story” Photo Contest 2014 offers an opportunity for students from different origins to share their views about Hong Kong and all current full-time students are invited to join this event. An exhibition of the award-winning and shortlisted photos has been held at the Foyer, G/F of MMW Library, EdUHK for two weeks from 26 November to 10 December 2014. Updates of the integration activities can be referred at this link: http://www.eduhk.hk/gca/en/news.php

b. Internationalisation and Campus Integration Award Competition


An “Internationalisation and Campus Integration Award Competition” is set up to recognise student organisations or groups for proposing and organising meaningful projects that promote internationalisation and campus integration. Details of this Award Competition can be referred at this link: https://www.eduhk.hk/sao/?p=770 

c. Buddy Programme

To enhance cultural integration between local and non-local students, a “Buddy Programme” is designed for our students which provides a great opportunity to discover more about life outside Hong Kong while remaining on campus, and to gain confidence in interacting with people from overseas by making friends with exchange students.

d. International Tutors

In order to enhance students’ English language abilities and enrich students’ cultural sensitivity and understanding, EdUHK recruits International Tutors (ITs) to provide support for English language learning activities, co-curricular activities and intercultural events for students of all programmes at EdUHK. This service is supported by both the Student Affairs Office (SAO) and the Centre for Language in Education (CLE). ITs can be reached by emails or phone calls (see below).

Names of ITs Email addresses Phone number
Arturo URIOSTEGUI arturo@eduhk.hk Nil
Victoria Tsang tsangv@ied.edu.hk 2948 6407
Erin Leung erin@eduhk.hk 2948 6408
Suchi Kumar srkumar@eduhk.hk Nil
Olivera Kapris olivera@eduhk.hk Nil
Daydria GORDON alexis@eduhk.hk 2948 6219
Aimee HOFFMAN akhoffman@eduhk.hk Nil

Details of International Tutors can be referred at this link: https://www.eduhk.hk/sao/?p=791